“Learning is a result of listening, which in turn leads to even better listening and attentiveness to the other person. In other words, to learn from the child, we must have empathy, and empathy grows as we learn..”

Alice Miller


What is Sailfest?

Sailfest is a two-week regatta in paradise with the sole aim to raise money to support the education of local impoverished children.

Events include a Sail Parade, Rally Round the Rock, Sunset sails all hosted by volunteer sail and motorboats that offer spots on board for guests. The highlights are Music concerts involving local and international musicians on boats anchored in the bay as well as in private homes around Zihuatanejo.

There is a Welcome Party, Benefit concert, and Gala dinner all happening at the beautiful pier in Zihuatanejo with students from our schools performing music and traditional dances. Auctions, chili cook-off, and school tours are all offered throughout the two weeks. So one can either sail off into the sunset or keep your feet firmly on the ground there is something for everyone.


In 2001 over 100 boats arrived in Zihuatanejo and wanted to do something to help a local school. They held the first Sail Parade and raised 2000 USD. Richard and Gloria Bellack offered to match whatever they raised. They brought school supplies and their muscles back the next year and went to work painting and making repairs. Little did they know Sailfest was born!

Trust your own solitude

‘If you have a trust in and an expectation of your own solitude, everything that you need to know will be revealed to you.’

John O’Donohue

We know who´s close

‘There is an instinct that emerges when we get quiet with people. We know who’s close.’

John O’Donohue

Each day, one of us is visited by beauty

‘When we hear the word ‘beauty’, we inevitably think that beauty belongs in a special elite realm where only the extraordinary dwells. Yet without realizing it, each day each one of us is visited by beauty. When you actually listen to people, it is surprising how often beauty is mentioned. A world without beauty would be unbearable.’

John O’Donohue