“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

Abigail Adams




Each year more than 200 community-spirited local businesses donate gifts and services to Sailfest auctions and raffles. They also provide generous discounts on the materials we purchase for our school projects.


The parents of the students provide most of the labor to construct our classrooms, kitchens and playgrounds. Many of our dedicated, young teachers are un-paid volunteers. Dozens of International community residents donate their time, talent and resources to enhance the education of our bright-eyed young scholars.


Our finest local musicians, and their international friends, donate their music every year for the production of our Sounds of Zihua’s CDs. They also volunteer to perform at the annual Zihua Sailfest benefit concert, and to play concerts at schools. These thoughtful artists have helped to build 14 classrooms with their voices and guitars.


A small Portland, Oregon-based, Non-profit Organization founded by Lawrence “Lorenzo” Marbut and administered by Carol Romain, Los Niños focuses on the basic needs of the children and teachers; uniforms, shoes, school supplies, teaching materials, health care, reading, English language and supplemental nutrition programs. www.losninos.us