Por Los Niños de Zihua and Covid update

Por Los Niños de Zihua and Covid update I have lots of good news to share this month! First, our number of cases is down to next to nothing. We are in level yellow on the traffic light system and I expect we will stay there, several states have moved to green but with...

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Thank you, Helen!

Thank you, Helen for your participation in the Sailfest Marathon. Helen raised $4500. CDN to help the Rice and Beans Program as well as supporting the Community Kitchen with donations of meat. 2 April 2021

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Very happy student and sponsor

The world works in strange ways. I had a sponsor contact me, her best friend's husband passed away and she wanted to do something special in his memory. This sponsor is particularly fond of supporting young girls to give them an opportunity for a career. As it turns...

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Sailfest brings in 2,082,041 pesos so far!

Sailfest brings in 2,082,041 pesos so far! I am very proud and a bit shocked to report that Sailfest with only one event earning money, raised $ 2,082,041. pesos and we still have pledges coming in. From absentee volunteers to local Golf Groups! Our 20th anniversary...

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Run/walk event

Hello Again Everyone, With Sailfest 2021 being so pared down this year we have decided to re-create another Run/Walk event so that those of you who can’t come down will continue to have an option to support Por Los Niños during Sailfest. Participants will have until...

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Diana Fernández – RIP

We regret to inform everyone another volunteer has passed away. Diana Fernández taught many of our scholarship students English for many years. She had been ill for some time, rest in peace Diana. 12 February 2020 --

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Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt 2021

Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt 2021 Hola everyone ... as a part of the 20th anniversary to keep Sailfest alive, have some fun, exercise and not cost you a thing we have set up an Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt for those of you that are in Zihua. Sailfest wants you to “stay safe”,...

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Thanks to our Community for their hard work and support – Por los Niños is blossoming!


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All our volunteers

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“When one flower blooms spring awakens everywhere”

John O’Donohue

A sense of your soul

“All you can ever achieve is a sense of your soul. You gain little glimpses of its light, colors, and contours. You feel the inspiration of its possibilities and the wonder of its mysteries.”

John O’Donohue

Careful preparation

“When we approach with reverence, great things decide to approach us. Our real life comes to the surface and its light awakens the concealed beauty in things. When we walk on the earth with reverence, beauty will decide to trust us. The rushed heart and arrogant mind lack the gentleness and patience to enter that embrace.”

John O’Donohue