“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”




One of Mexico’s premier annual sailing events.

A six-day festival in February that combines fun and games, heart-felt volunteerism and an outpouring of international friendship. Although the tone of the event is light-hearted the goals are serious:

To raise funds for the education of Zihuatanejo’s poorest children.

These caring members of the International sailing community and land-based volunteers have raised money to continue building classrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and playgrounds.

Fun Rally, Boat Parades, Concerts Dances, Auction. Chili cook-off, School tours and so much more make this a wonderful event.

All proceeds go towards the education of underprivileged children of Zihuatanejo.


This nutritional program feeds 105 students each week in Zihuatanejo, Mexico schools.

We all know hungry kids can’t learn and these kids are the cream of the crop with fantastic grades. They come from very poor families who earn less than $165 USD or $2000. pesos per month.

All of the kids have a B or better grade point average, but with with this nutrition program, we are seeing the grade point average soar! We have a lot of A students now!

We graduated 32 kids with excellent grades this year. 14 of them will get sponsorships through Niños Adelante, only because we only had room for 14 new kids in the program.

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