The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.

Ian Knabel


In 2012 this is what made up a small school in the La Joya neighborhood.

Dirt floors, no walls, chicken wire and rags.

The students were always happy to see us visit.

Preparations for the construction of the first three classroom building.
Note the parents digging … men and women.

The first three classroom building completed.

A new bathroom was built to replace the old outhouse

The parents then added on a temporary kitchen.

Second three classroom building under construction

Second building completed

Third phase of construction on another three classroom building.

Final three classroom building built with funds raised by 10-year-old Austin Brown.

In 2014 a new kitchen was added which was funded in memory of Judy White.

New washrooms and office

Cancha with roof completed in 2015