“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.”

Thomas Paine


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  • General Fund

    Your generous donation will be applied to the most urgent need of a school. Matching grants are often available to double the value of your contribution. Paypal donations (please click on the Paypal logo)

  • Sailfest

    Sailfest is the main fundraiser for our charity. Donations to our two “sister” organizations, made via the Los Niños website, qualify for U.S. tax-deductible status. Paypal donations:

  • Carol´s Rice and Beans

    “Carol´s Rice & Beans” program. It provides supplemental nutrition at low-income schools to ensure that even the most disadvantaged child receives a healthy lunch. We also organize an annual Raffle to collect funds for this program. Read more. Paypal donations: Now donors from Canada can make a tax-deductible donation! Amistad Canada has just approved us so they will be the [...]

  • Natasha’s “Buy a Desk” Program!

    Provides a $45 usd school desk at one our new rural primary schools built in partnership with Rotary International and the City of Zihuatanejo. Paypal donations:

  • Outfit a student

    Outfit a primary school student for a year with a school uniform, shoes, backpack and class supplies for a donation of $95 USD Paypal donations:

  • Building fund

    In partnership with the City of Zihuatanejo, Rotary International and Por Los Niños de Zihuatanejo, a fund has been established to build safe permanent schools on land donated by the city and the State. Paypal donations:

  • School supplies

    Teachers are currently trying to make do with just a few blackboards and very limited supplies. They need nearly everything; more blackboards, charts, maps, diagrams, vocabulary & math flashcards, and other vital teaching tools. Paypal donations:

  • Athletic fund

    Recognizing the need to nourish young bodies as well as young minds, we welcome funding for playground equipment, such as soccer & basketballs, nets and outdoor games. Paypal donations:

  • Art fund

    Construction paper, crayons, colored pencils & markers, compasses, child scissors, drawing paper, coloring books and craft kits will permit these children to explore their creative talents. Paypal donations:

  • Scholarships

    For 350 USD you can change the life of a bright young scholar forever, enabling them to continue with their schooling. Paypal payments:   

  • Summer camp

      For only US$35 you can sponsor a child for Summer camp. Monday to Friday, 4 hours a day.  Let’s make the summer meaningful for the children instead of just playing in the streets. Paypal donations!

  • Amistad Canada

    Now donors from Canada can make a tax-deductible donation! Amistad Canada has just approved us so they will be the clearinghouse and issue tax receipts that are accepted by Canada Revenue Agency. To donate click on the image (logo of Amistad Canada)


Important Notes:

1. Our sister association in the United States, Los Niños, is a 501(c)(3) has tax-exempt status as a public benefit charity. Donations are accepted through Los Ninos and make your contributions tax deductible.   

2. In the unlikely event that a particular need is over-subscribed, we may redirect your donation to the most closely related need.

100% of ALL funds go directly to helping the children.