“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

Mahatma Ghandi

Carol´s Rice and Beans Program

In a normal year this program feeds up to 129 students at Casa Para Ninos del Pacífico but in 2020 the year of COVID19 we distributed 2,335,504 pesos worth of food to unemployed families thanks to our incredible donors.

We all know hungry kids can’t learn and these kids all have fantastic grades. They come from low-income families who earn less than $250 USD per month.

All of the kids have a B or better grade point average, but with this nutrition program, we are seeing the grade point average soar! We have a lot of A students now!

Carol Romain

Carol´s Story

The Rice and Beans Program began at Primaria Octavio Paz in 2011. While visiting the school and their newly formed lunch program, Carol asked how the program was working out. The response was, not well. Carol asked what was needed and the answer was, Rice and Beans, and so the program began.

The goal was to provide a hand up, not a hand out, so after a year the program moved to Primaria Vista Mar, where we had just built a new school with a great new kitchen.

The third year, Carol discovered Casa Para Niños del Pacífica. It was the perfect fit. All the children were from low-income families and had 8.5 or above grade point averages *out of 10. The program is permanently located there now and has grown from providing rice and beans to everything they need to provide nutritious meals, school shoes, clothes, backpacks and school supplies.

Currently, every child who attends or who did attend and is still in school is matched up with a sponsor who provides encouragement and a monthly allowance to help with transportation, lunches and school expenses. The project is Carol’s pride and joy!

Rice and Beans Raffle!

Feeding 129 bright young impoverished scholars a total of 35,000 meals per year.  We organize a raffle a couple of times a year to get the funds to feed the children.

Tickets are US$50 which you can pay through PayPal or Canadians can email funds to Ticket numbers will be sent by email (for Canadian’s you may need to wait a couple of hours for a response).

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Prizes and Winners Raffle 2023

Pacifica Resort in Ixtapa. One week all-inclusive Junior ocean view suite. Value $3000 USD – Winners:  Linda and Gordon Coker, ticket number 19

Pacifica Resort in Ixtapa. One week all-inclusive Junior ocean view suite. Value $3000 USD. Winner: Jane Novitzke, Ticket number 99

The Casitas on La Ropa: 2 bedroom unit. One week. Value $1155 USD.  Winner: Denise Collins, ticket number 4

Marea on Playa Blanca. One week. Value $2,520 USD.  Winner: Denis Paulsen,  ticket number 24

Casa Montera in Troncones. House. 3 nights. Winner: Elisabeth Ashe,  ticket number 91

Manzanillo Bay in Troncones. 3 nights. Value 1000 USD. Winner: Gail Barry,  ticket number 43

Las Palmas Penthouse, Playa Blanca. One week . Value $2500.  Winner: Jane Saunderson,  ticket number 48

Solecito, Barra de Potosi. One week. Value $1050 USD.  Winner:  Ellen Andersen, ticket number 93

Residencias Solecito, Barra de Potosí. One week. Value $1925 USD.  Winner: Carol Marchant, ticket number 94

Casitas Bajo las Estrellas, Playa Blanca. One week. Value $975 USD.  Winner:  Sue Granados, ticket number 77

Casita de los Caballos, Barra de Potosí. One week. Value $975 USD. Winner: Pete Boyce, ticket Number 65

Casitas on La Ropa 2 bedroom unit, One week:  Winner: Sean Harstad Ticket number 46

The new kindergarten

The kids made these little Christmas trees

Rice and Beans Raffle

Food hampers for the families

Food delivery with help

Weekly food delivery