SOB Vollebay
SOB Volleyball

The Tradition: We have been visiting Ixtapa the third week of January, MLK week, since 1995. For almost 3 decades, South Of the Border has been in Ixtapa competing on the beach, dancing in the bars and dining in the restaurants. Residents, tourists, and local businesses anticipate and welcome our group each year.

The Group: The Ixtapa SOB Volleyball Vacation began with 15 players back in 1994. At our peak, we had over 250 on the beach with 196 players in the tournament. We have backed this off a bit in past years and now cap the tournament at 72 players per gender for a total of 144 participants. The trip usually settles in at about 200 guests including non-playing family and friends, family, and staff.

The Hotel: When we started visiting in 1994, we settled in at the Park Royal. The property is located at the epicenter of all our volleyball courts and has become our Ixtapa home. The property is all-inclusive with 3 restaurants and 3 bars.

The Beach: We picked the Ixtapa because of the beach. Ask SOB alumni or our pros: this is one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. And the sand is absolutely amazing. Add a swimmable beach with crystal clear blue water and perfect water temperatures and you are in paradise. Back in “the day”, we had 32+ nets spanning almost a mile of sand, but the local regulatory bodies now require permits for any nets on the beach and have capped us at 24 courts.