Sailfest 2023 February 12 to 26, is two weeks of fun-filled events!


First Volunteer Meeting January 31, 2023
Restaurante Casa Arcadia, Playa Principal 10 AM
Schedule of events


Suzanne and Josefa work on a piece of art in their new store Zihua Arte on Juan N Alvarez near Cinco de Mayo. They were generous in donating two items for the Sailfest auctions. Suzanne on the left knows from experience the benefits of Por Los Niños, her son Mario was a Casa Para Niños Student!

2022 was a very successful year.
Construction Projects 3,178,689. pesos
Nutrition Program 444,049. pesos
Scholarship and student help 1,881,546. pesos
Operating expenses 111.269. pesos *legal, accounting, and bank fees

Por Los Ninos built 6 bathrooms, 10 classrooms, 3 kitchens, 1 dining room, refurbished 10 more classrooms and put a new roof on a kindergarten for a total of 163 projects since its inception. This year Jorge Sanchez Allec, mayor of Zihuatanejo, contributed an additional 1.5. million pesos so our money went a lot further and we were able to jointly complete more projects.

In addition, support was given to needy schools for school supplies, furniture for a computer lab, 28 Google Chrome Books and the Rachel Program which is a closed-circuit program with the complete curriculum loaded on it enabling students who have limited or no internet access to a world of information.

Juanito Zihua’s, Music in My Zihua, was funded so that rural students would have access to guitar lessons at no charge.

Since 2011 Sailfest has built, repaired, or added on to 46 existing schools, 16 kindergartens, 23 Primary Schools, 4 Secondary Schools and 3 High Schools.

A new kindergarten for Playa Blanca is almost complete thanks to Richard and Gloria Bellack, founding members of Por Los Ninos and Sailfest, Por Los Ninos, the mayor of Zihuantanejo, Jorge Sanchez Allec and the parents committee. The proceeds from one of our house concerts (Bajo Las Estrellas) in Playa Blanca gave us enough money to purchase the tables and chairs for the new kindergarten. The delicious food and the Jalapeño Margaritas were prepared by Chismosas on Playa Blanca.

Scholarships are a big part of what we do, with 60 active students and a wait list, There are so many students who depend solely on their monthly stipend to continue their education. Scholarship fees are due in February *a few in September. If you have not renewed your scholarship pledge, please send it now. If you wish to become a sponsor, contact me and we will match you with a student. and click on Scholarships. We have three students who will graduate this year and then continue on to do their masters. We are very proud of all our students, but we can’t do it alone.