Plans are underway for another successful Sailfest.

We will finish out 2022 with 16 school projects completed. A record for us. From renovating bathrooms to building completely new classrooms and kitchens. We had a taste of everything this year.

Our mayor Jorge Sanchez Allec began matching peso for peso in the spring. He contributed 1.5 million pesos and we have spent 2,868,285. pesos. This is worth more than an honorable mention as education is a State and Federal responsibility not local. We are very fortunate that he feels strongly about what we do and wants to help. Two of our big donors made their donation early so we could take advantage of the matching funds enabling us to complete more projects. Thank you, Jane Fiala and the Bellacks.

The classroom with 57 students is now completely renovated and air-conditioned so they can be crowded but comfortable and safe. No more asbestos roofs!

We are now onto a new kindergarten in Playa Blanca.

Our current project, a new kindergarten in PlayaBlanca will be completed in time for Christmas and then our hard-working crew can take time off with their families.

The House Concerts have begun. The first was held at Casa Angelina high above La Ropa with the next one DECEMBER 17th at Casa Carolina in Barra de Potosi. Tickets online. Solo Tres is entertaining us and Joel providing his amazing Hors d’ Oeuvres.

Have a wonderful Christmas and we hope to see you soon.

Carol Romain