Click on the stair image below to see the video of all the projects.

There were just too many photos to include in a regular newsletter so this is the new format assuming it works. Please watch the short slide show attached below.

Rice and Beans Raffle will be held in November. Tickets are available unofficially but it will be announced next week and when it is they are usually gone within 24 hours. You can order early.  I’m just finalizing the prizes.

The mayor just informed me yesterday he will double his contribution for our projects to a million pesos. Construction costs have gone up exponentially so this will help. Jane Fiala advanced her donation early to take advantage of his offer to pay 50% of all our projects.

Scholarship fees are due again, and the scholarship link.

We still have 10 students with great marks but not enough resources to attend university. They are really motivated so we have funded them for the interim. It is without a doubt one of the most rewarding things you can do. Lifelong friendships develop, the students recognize that others care about them as well as their parents. 350 USD or you can pay monthly through the website.

CRA still says our application is being processed so we hurry up and wait. Canadian funds paid this year will be eligible for tax receipts once they give us their final approval, they are still saying they are behind because of Covid! Email transfers to will be issued by Darla Stepanko who is on our board of directors for the Canadian foundation which is called The Society for the Advancement of the Children of Zihua. Naming our association was a bit of a challenge to meet CRA rules but it was approved.

Sailfest is a two week event this year, we will start on either the 12th or the 13th depending on which Sunday we have the Walk Run event.

House concerts will start in November, the first one at Casa Carolina, the other Casa Carolina on La Ropa near the dolphins. Date pending.

Stay tuned until October’s newsletter!

Click on the stair image below to see the video of all the projects.



Escalera artística de Zihuatanejo