Another Sailfest has been put to bed. We raised the most money we have ever raised coming in at 3.674,922 pesos gross, less 235,380 (6.41%) expenses and netting 3.439,542.

We had less attendance than usual at all the events and only 11 boats but we made up for that with big hearts and deeper pockets.

The City was a huge help in particular Asurim, who was invaluable in finding things we needed and getting approvals. It would have been difficult to complete what we did without her.

Our own team members all stepped up, and now we are recuperating! It is a lot of work for a small team so we are looking to break down our workload and invite more volunteers to take over parts of all of our jobs.

We used to be a small event, this year we had 8 full days beginning with the Marathon that was attended by 150 locals and a few tourists. With the return of Pamela Bendall came the return of the Calcutta raising an additional 10,021 USD so what they were unable to do with sunset cruises they made up for with the rally. Welcome back Pamela!

With only 11 boats participating in the events we improvised and created yet a new venue and offered music concerts in homes in the area. It was a huge success and will be on the schedule next year for sure. It is our best fundraiser of all and with a minimal amount of work, second only to the Champagne Brunch sponsored by the Sotavento Beach Club where we only have to sell tickets and BANK the money. They donate brunch for 75 people.

14 people stepped up to become sponsors for our bright eyed young scholars.

The student entertainment was a hit as always and the students of Colegio Bachilleres put on a great show.