Sailfest Wrap up Thank You Note

Sailfest Wrap up Thank You Note

In the early years things were much simpler, in the last few years we have added the Welcome Party, Gala Dinner, the Sunset Cruises, and this year the Walk Run event and the House Concerts. We have really grown!

Thank you to all the volunteers, every volunteer is important but there are a few who stand out from the crowd and need to be recognized.

Cruisers. Without boats would not be a Sailfest, it would be a landlubber fest.

Margaret is still looking to give up some of her many jobs…. Her first passion is photography, but she is so busy being the administrator that she even delegated that a lot of the time. A few years ago, Margaret stepped up and volunteered to be my assistant and now because we have so many events, she needs an assistant.

The City …Jorge Sanchez Allec for giving us complete access to Assurim from the Tourism Department and her whole team, It would be impossible and extremely costly to put on this event without them. Nacho, and his security team, …. Communications team for the video and the graphic arts staff for all the beautiful banners.

Tim and Donna – arranged cruises as well as house concerts, loaded boats, hosted their own house music concerts and were at the sales desk every day.

Janet Smith… first time as Sales Desk chairperson with partner Marcel did a wonderful job…we hope they come back – and all those that volunteer at the sales desks. Margaret really doesn’t want that job back or have the time to do it.

Jose Bustos for hauling everything around in his truck, liaising with the hotel managers, locating equipment for the gala dinner. He takes the week off to help us with whatever we need. He is also our construction manager for our projects. He can’t be here today because he has sponsors and students to introduce, he is also the administrator for Niños Adelante and in his spare time, he has a full-time job as a waiter at the Fontan Hotel.

Janet Magnusson …auctions, this year raised 197,000 pesos, our best yet and without a silent auction and her invaluable expertise with Microsoft One Drive that nearly drove Margaret and I crazy.

Donations… Roz and Mitch, Sue Granados, and Donna Sharpe, Elisabeth who had to be replaced by Darla, due to covid, Winn and Sara, Peter, for all the flowers and places in Centro.

Cindy for walk/run …as well as the Lizette from the City who coordinated more than 150 local runners. Our own Diego Velazquez who owns English Plus, our official English Language School, volunteer, and sponsors kids won 2nd place. …next year bigger better…more funds raised.

Vicki for chili…and chili makers, new location… great venue.

Doug for coordinating the Bar, and all the people who worked the bar…17 gallons of margaritas, 114 bottles of wine, 720 beers all add up to more money for the kids, who would have thought drinking could turn into a fundraiser.

Karen Cooper for photography, we have now had two Sailfest weddings so far and a new sponsor of the lead singer for the Cobach band who entertained us.
Jane and Nelson for Raffles also up from the previous year with 41,200 with even an online purchase for tickets.

Helen… Helen did everything… raised over 4,000 CDN in the Walk Run Event, shuttled equipment around, picked up donations – people would see her walk down the street and call her in. Auctioneer, door ticket taker, security… and booted out the ones that didn’t pay.

Everyone deserves an award, but we have a special award for Helen, I would like to present her with a certificate for a pedicure. She was our backup for everything and likely has the sorest feet of all.

Randy – worked the sales desk every morning and night, hauled stuff to the site, put up posters, took down lonas, door security…he lives nearby so was available on a minute’s notice… Margaret called him her Sailfest body …as she can’t do all the heavy lifting these days.

Last but not least, Gloria for throwing this party and for their vision to start this whole thing 21 years ago.

Fundraisers…. Home music concerts are the number one fundraiser for work and funds raised.

School tour – students were entertaining and wonderful, it is nice when they want to give back.

After action reports…Chairpersons, please submit one, it is critical that we know what went right and what went wrong and how we can make it better for next year – volunteers feel free to send your suggestions, we aren’t ready for criticisms yet but give us a week or so and we will be ready for that but please be kind.

Hopefully, next year will be covid free and we will not have so many changes and regulations due to Covid.

If you did not receive a strong daily thank you, please know you are all appreciated, and this would not happen without you.

We won’t have an actual final number for a few days, there are reports and expenses still to come in. We don’t have a total yet because our fundraising volunteers are still bringing in donations! It sure helps when the first 2.1 million comes in in donations! Thank you, Jane and Dick and Gloria, and Jorge Sanchez Allec, Reinhards, Mitchells, Kon’s, Brennans, Eriksons, Mamou’s, Portland Community Foundation and, Altrusa International Club of Osh Kosh for your generosity and to all the donors who donated this year, every peso counts!

Tim reported that a total of 388 passengers took part in the Sunset Cruises, 192 passengers for the Music Cruises.

14 new sponsors signed up so now we have only 16 more students to find sponsors for, but we are optimistic. The program speaks for itself, Students receive 100% of the funds you donate for their scholarship.

Thank you again for spending your vacation time volunteering for us.