Preparations are in the works for Sailfest. ALL the protocols are in place for a very safe event in spite of being in yellow now. We have switched from long tables to round ones and only 3 couples per table. We are cautiously excited. We can’t thank the City of Zihuatanejo and the Hotel and Restaurant Associations enough for all their help. They have logistic teams for everything! This year has been a breeze in comparison even with the uncertainty.

We did cancel the Literario because the younger students have not been vaccinated.

We are nearly finished with the new kitchen, dining room and bathrooms at Colegio Bachilleres in Las Pozas just outside of Zihua proper. The school had 126 new students register for high school in August so both projects were badly needed. Our next project is a 3 room kindergarten near Centenario that was started by the Federal Government and then abandoned, likely with the change of party after the election. Almost a freebie for Por Los Ninos.

We have a growing list of very bright students hoping for a scholarship to continue on to high school and university. The average mark for our students is now 92%. As the marks come in the number just keeps getting higher. I am very proud of our kids but without the support of our sponsors, most would not be able to attend high school or university. One of our bright young students needs 4 sponsors to make it happen but she is determined to build a better life for herself and her family. She is not alone, many of our students need multiple sponsors. If you are interested, it is very affordable 35 to 50 CDN or 25 to 35 USD per month, payable monthly or annually. I promise it will be very rewarding and you will be changing lives forever.

Our Canadian Foundation is still waiting for the CRA approval for tax receipts. They still blame Covid for the delay!

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