Hola everyone, Sailfest planning is well underway, our state is still in Green, hotel occupancy has been limited to 70% to accommodate social distancing. All the usual protocols are in place and we feel safe.

For those not traveling this year, we have an event for you! Cindy has organized a walk/run for us. Enjoy!


Hello again everyone,
Yes, the Run/Walk event is on again and this year we will have two mornings during Saifest to participate in live events.

LIVE: 10:00 AM February 22nd and 24th
VIRTUAL: The entire month of February
YOU CHOOSE: You can split your distance between the two live days, or you can opt to begin working on your distances virtually and only do the remaining portion on Tuesday and Thursday.
NEW OPTION: TEAMS!!! This year you will be able to form teams of 2 – 4 people to both fundraise on the same page and run/walk together. All team members do not have to be in Zihuatanejo, so feel free to enlist your friends or family from home to participate. BUT……there will be prizes for the live events for categories such as “best dressed”…..lol……so bring out your crazy!!!


Since this will be the first annual live event, the local route will be determined according to the distances that you are registering for and the way you’re going to break down your full run/walk. For example, if nobody is choosing to do a 10k in one day, then I will be mapping out a 5k route. Or if everyone doing a 5k is splitting it between a number of days, then I will map out a route of 2.5k. Your feedback is going to be critical for this, so I will be contacting you as you register, or you can email me at any time. While exercise is wonderful, we want this to be fun, so this should be an event for all physical abilities. Just as in past events, your morning walk of the dog or grocery shopping qualify for kms walked and can be added to your total for the month.

Unfortunately this year Sailfest just cannot afford to buy T-shirts for all the volunteers, so the concept is to take your name tag to the sales desk and receive a discount if you’d like to purchase one. With participants of the Run/Walk event, however, the registration fee has been created to include the fee for your t-shirt. If you are participating from another country then you can’t take your name tag to the sales desk, so I will be in touch with you to see how best to get it to you. If you have friends down here that can take it home for you or save it for you, then that would be ideal. I will be in touch with each of you to sort out a plan.

As some of you might know, the Race Roster site is not always easy to navigate, so I encourage you to email me after you’ve registered. I will then send you more specific instructions, but if those are still confusing then we will schedule an appointment where both of us will be on our computers as I walk you through the set up on the phone. This is critical, because this is what you will all be sending to your potential donors. You can then share by Facebook, Twitter, Email, or just copy the link to paste.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you, and please don’t hesitate to ask for help in setting up your profile on Race Roster. I’m here to guide you through the confusion of this site, so contact me immediately if you run into obstacles.

WEBSITE: https://raceroster.com/events/2022/56224/sailfest-runwalk-2022
CONTACT: cldainard.sailfest@gmail.com