Sailfest dates February 21 to 28 2022

We are back in Orange and cases are still falling in Zihuatanejo with only 62 active cases which is half of last week’s report. We are still handing out about 45 food hampers every two weeks but that is starting to slow down as well. All the protocols are in place and everything is open.

Schools are still online but I am hearing rumblings that many will open in October to in-person learning some with just part-time classes and part-time online to accommodate social distancing. Colegio Bachilleries has been offering classes since August on a part-time basis. No student left behind is their motto this year.

Colegio Bachilleres just outside of Zihua had 110 new students enroll this fall, we built two new classrooms there last year and refurbished one. If you build it they will come! The Zihua campus had a similar influx of students. We need 200 new desks to support all the new students. Shiny new classrooms aren’t much good without desks for the students. If you want to help a desk is 43 USD. We will even put a nameplate on it with your name on it.

Thank you Rob, for your great donation to purchase school supplies. so many families were asking for help and we didn’t have to turn anyone down!



Last week we had a 7.1 earthquake but there was no damage here but Acapulco suffered quite a bit with as many as 1500 homes affected. This week we have huge waves, the surfers are happy but the property owners, not so much. In Barra de Potosi, there is a lot of damage to homes along the beach. As I type this there are waves splashing into our pool 15 feet above the beach. . We put 52 truckloads of big rock in front of the pool to protect it but two of our neighbors have lost their pools. The restaurants did the same so they are fine.

The winner of last year’s Rice and Beans raffle for a week at Pacifica Resort is not able to use her week which expires on Nov 6th. She kindly donated it to a family who lost their grandson to leukemia to use as a fundraiser to help pay down their huge medical bills. If you are interested visit Zihua Rob’s message board for details.

Stay safe and see you soon!