Update Zihuatanejo

Update Zihuatanejo

We now have computers for each and every one of our scholarship students and they have access to the internet. In some cases that means 6 students sitting outside a home spaced appropriately sharing internet. I have students coming to my house to use our internet.

We put printers in several communities because the teachers sent huge volumes of lessons that needed to be printed. They barely have food never mind the 2 pesos per page to print a booklet! Where there is a will there is a way and we found it
We had a lot of offers to send us used computers and tablets from the US and Canada but customs only allow one per person to be brought in and it is too early for our foreign tourists.

Computers nearly doubled in price but our dilemma was do we keep feeding the masses or do we try and keep our bright young scholars in school. We opted to go with the kids, they are the reason for Por Los Ninos and need to be our first priority. They are the future of Mexico and we thought the situation was improving. We were wrong.

One of our supporters has generously offered to match donations up to 5,000 USD. to recover the funds we spent on computers so we can continue to provide the food hampers and support the community kitchens.

On the stoplight system, we returned to yellow but sadly not for long and we are back in the orange category. Not because Zihuatanejo has more cases but other cities in our State. We hope this was just a warning and people will pay heed so we can go back to yellow and then Green by the end of October. This was a setback we weren’t prepared for.

If you can help your donation automatically gets matched and is tax-deductible in Canada, the US, and Mexico. www.carolr7.sg-host.com

I have a couple of new kids with really high marks who really need sponsors if you want to be part of that I guarantee it is a very rewarding experience.

15 September 2020