The wonderful children that are helped

For the past few years Bob and I have enjoyed working at Sailfest with you and all the Sailfest crew.

I tell everyone I know about the great things we do. I was asked if I would give a talk about the what Sailfest is. This for the Rotary club. Is there anyway I can get some flyers and a video? These members usually give a nice donation and if they are impressed they will keep donating. That would be my goal. I also told about Carol´s Rice and Beans program. I told them about the wonderful children that are helped. Any help I can get will be a plus for our schools. I would also need to know how a check needs to made out. Please let me know If this is a a good idea.

Bob and I will be down January 20th and will be there for a couple months.

Look forward to seeing all of you.


Snow Wiech