Hello Again Everyone,

With Sailfest 2021 being so pared down this year we have decided to re-create another Run/Walk event so that those of you who can’t come down will continue to have an option to support Por Los Niños during Sailfest. Participants will have until April 1st to find their donors and complete their distances.

If you are interested in donating, you can choose to support one of the runner/walkers by donating to their personal campaign or you can simply go to this link to make a general donation.

If you’re interested in participating you can register at this link.

Since we have created this event ourselves this time there will no longer be a registration fee of $35 to $50, simply an administration fee of under two dollars to pay the site for the use of its platform. You can elect to run or walk 5k, 10k, a half marathon, or a full marathon. Most of our past participants last time were walkers, and you can track that distance while you’re on a treadmill, running errands, or simply going for a walk…..then add it all up at the end. That portion of the event is actually the easiest, as most of your effort will be spent finding donors to support your endeavor. Fortunately, the Race Roster site has built-in email and social media links that make it really easy to contact potential supporters.

Basic instructions are going to be posted on our event Facebook page, under notifications, but please email me if you have any questions. The site can be a bit awkward to navigate at times, so I’ve even done phone walkthroughs with people. I can set up a “phone date” anywhere in North America if you need assistance with setting up your personal page and we can have a laugh while stumbling through the technology. Please also feel free to make the FB page fun and post pictures of your treks.

This is so important to be able to continue feeding the families through the daily meals and weekly food hampers that Carol works so hard to provide for. We really do need all hands on deck. Even if you don’t have a wide circle of people to call on for donations, every little bit is going to help. Please don’t think that you have to be a super fundraising generator. If we have 50 people raising $100, that’s more than 1 person raising $2,000. In an ideal world, we’re going to have a wide range of personal totals, but every little bit is going to count.

Muchas, muchas gracias, Cindy


15 February 2020