I’m sitting here listening to some pretty loud thunder and watching the light show and thought it time to do our raffle again. I am sure it is starting to get cold in the north and people are thinking about a warm sunny vacation in Zihuatanejo and helping our Casa Para Niños kids again for the 8th year! Our funds are running short so perfect timing.

Same story, very smart but very poor kids at our little school. Many families live on about 200 dollars a month, even for Mexico that isn’t much. This pays for them to have a hot meal, breakfast or a snack every day at school. It is amazing the difference a nutritious meal makes to the students. Hungry kids can’t learn. 100% goes to the kids.

Receipts are issued when you go online by clicking here. Tickets are still 50 dollars and we have 10 great prizes! That is a one in 12.5 chance of winning. All prizes are for one week and subject to availability.

We usually sell out in 4 days so don’t hesitate!

1. Pacifica Hotel in Ixtapa – All inclusive
2. Pacifica Hotel in Ixtapa – All inclusive
3. Inn at Manzanillo Bay in Troncones
4.. Marea in Playa Blanca
5. Flamingo Golf in Ixtapa
6. Las Palmas in Playa Blanca
7. Hacienda La Rusa in Barra de Potosi Bed and Breakfast
8. Bayview Grande condo in Ixtapa
9. Bayview Grande condo in Ixtapa
10. Casita de Caballito in Barra de Potosi

16 October 2019