Zihua COVID update

Por Los Ninos del Municipio de Zihua COVID update

Por Los Ninos has delivered as of today, to more than 1400 families one to four times in practically every colonia from Los Achotes to Pantla.

People who have never asked for help are now contacting us. They have exhausted everything they have and need help. We have spent 752,097.77 pesos as of yesterday on food alone. In addition, we have helped our students with internet costs, and in some cases a computer. They are the future of Zihua and when classes are only available online it is not an option. Students were trying to do their homework on their cellphones. We had to help them.

Today we were picking up 300 more food hampers for this week’s delivery and a very sweet, well dressed Mexican lady tapped me on the elbow and said “God Bless You” she had tears in her eyes. It was hard to maintain my composure.

Zihua COVID update

We have an amazing team of people who deliver to the colonias, I have joined them twice and it was a very humbling experience. In spite of the hardships they are going through they are still hopeful.

For those of you who are not following us on Facebook, one of the days I went out with the delivery people a little boy showed up, we assumed he was with someone. When we went to leave he burst into tears. He was crying because his family needed food and he thought he wasn’t getting anything. He didn’t want a ride home and carried the 35 lb bag home on his shoulders. He was about 8 years old!

People have been amazingly generous and we are very grateful for every peso but this isn’t going to be over any time soon and with nothing but essential services open there is a lot of unemployment. The husband of one of our favorite teacher’s lost his life in a robbery because someone needed the money he was carrying as a bus driver.

As of this morning, we have 50 new cases, 35 positives but of those 26 have recovered, and 3 deaths. We are grateful to our mayor, who is still scrubbing streets and disinfecting everything possible. The governor has mandated everyone must wear a mask when in public and extended the closure of all but essential services including the beaches and hotels until the end of June for now. We are expecting it to be longer.

Zihua COVID update

All donations are tax-deductible both in Canada and in the USA. Donations can be made through our website carolr7.sg-host.com. We can’t thank you enough.

Carol Romain
Por Los Ninos del Municipio de Zihua A.C.

16 June 2020