From Victoria BC, I started volunteering during Sailfest 2005. Knowing that education is the future of Mexico, it was an eye-opener to see the existing tarpaper shacks that the disadvantaged children had for schools. When PorLosNinos finally had the funds to build the first concrete building so the children could have a safe environment to learn, it was exciting.

Volunteers and other wonderful people would fill their Zihua bound luggage with uniforms and shoes, as most poor families could not afford to buy them. It was a proud day to see the pride that the uniformed children of Octavio Paz showed when they were finally invited to participate in a parade through the streets of Zihua.

My greatest joy is visiting the school and seeing the bright smiling faces of the beautiful children who love having their photos taken.

I have taken on photographing all the new building projects, the delightful children and special events and am happy to be able to share the photos on the website and Facebook so everyone can see how the Sailfest funds are spent. Knowing that all funds go directly to the education of children, be it buildings, materials, or paying teachers is the reason that I enjoy being involved with PorLosNinos.

Margaret Reid