Sailfest is over and my paperwork is finally finished. We are pretty proud of our 3.2 million peso total but of course, we have about 5 million in requests from schools that need additional classrooms etc.

Now I am working on matching up sponsors with deserving, high achieving students. I still have 12 without sponsors mostly in high school and university but I still have another 5 in Casa Para Ninos del Pacifico primary who are very bright and but very low income.

Grade 2 to 9 – 350 USD per year

Grade 9 through University 500 USD

University here can cost from 350 pesos to 1000 pesos per month depending on the school or the course they choose. Some students require more than one sponsor at the 350 USD rate. We do not want to see a straight-A student selling tacos for lack of resources to attend school. We have come across many, because even if they can afford the fees often they can’t afford to get there.

Scholarships are paid monthly and for students under 18 are given to the mothers, older kids manage their own funds. I am always amazed when I get a text saying from a University student that they bought a pencil and felt that they needed to share that with me so I would know they are managing their money honestly.

The students do not receive any funds if they have not sent me a copy of their monthly letter to their sponsors. It is important that they be in contact. When students know someone other than Mom or Dad is investing in their future they generally perform at a higher level. They don’t want to disappoint you and certainly not me!

For sponsors it is incredibly rewarding, the kids know they are changing their futures and that of their family. They are well aware that education is the only way to make a difference.

Today is the day they have to send me their letters for their sponsors in time for next week’s payment. The emails the kids send to me are pretty heartwarming. They are so grateful for the opportunity. If you are still in Zihua we invite you to meet your student and their family, visit the family home and then you truly have an understanding of the challenges they face.

If this is something you would like to do please contact me and I will send you a few profiles to choose from. You won’t regret it.



29 February 2020