Farewell, Lorenzo!

For those of you who were not in Zihuatanejo or unable to attend it was a beautiful afternoon. Jimi Mamou opened with a beautiful song in tribute to his long time friend.

Juanito Zihua, Solo Tres and Don Gabriel from Petatlan all played for us in honor of Lorenzo. He did love his music. ABC Diario newspaper filmed the event live. The link is below.


Thank you to all that attended and sent their heartfelt messages in honor of Lorenzo. I think he would have been pleased. He made a huge impact on this community and he will be missed.

For those who knew Lorenzo well, you know he loved his books, he owned over 1000 books. We spoke often about what we would do with all those books once he was gone but like everything else the answer just fell into place.

We will be building another classroom at Bachilleres Zihua and when I asked what they needed, they said a library. Good answer! We already have books and bookshelves to stock it. Lorenzo loved history and non – fiction, what a fitting place for his books to end up. The books are in English but the students do study English.

Farewell, my friend, I will miss my daily conversations with you to share the latest Por Los Ninos updates. Lorenzo, was not that active the last 3 years with the foundation but he so loved to be kept abreast of what we were up to.

7 October 2020