IT’S FOR THE KIDS! That’s why have I volunteered every year since 2012 . . . and why I keep coming back to volunteer with this particular organization. There is something special about an organization that can bring people from all walks of life; from all over the world; every year; years on end . . . something is working! And it’s working for the children of Zihua.

These kids need choices in their lives for their future . . . but if they don’t know what their choices are, how can they choose? They need our help to find those choices . . . they need food to be able to think . . . they need schools and teachers to educate them so they’re able to think in the right direction … for themselves. They need all the volunteers working with Sailfest, Carol’s Rice and Bean Program, and Por Los Ninos to give them the chance! Every child needs and deserves a chance.

Over these past several years I have had the privilege of working with an amazing group of volunteers, both local and from all over the world, who give so much of themselves to help the kids. Every season I drive my friends crazy asking them to stuff their suitcases with little things for the kids, and every single friend comes through. Every pencil . . . every notebook . . . every toothbrush . . . every crayon . . . every single little thing . . . helps them so much and brings such joy to their faces.

If I don’t help them . . . if you don’t help them . . . who will?

Janet Magnusson