Covid Update in Zihuatanejo etc.- good news finally

The stats I was waiting for arrived today. Only 20 new cases after Revolution Day two weeks ago. No deaths. I was worried we would have another wave of cases but looks like all the publicity to be considerate and follow the protocols paid off.

There was a report of tourists arriving via bus and not wearing masks on The Facebook page Zihua-Let’s Chat.

I sent it to the mayor and now buses are sanitized, the tourist police read them the rules and so far so good. Our mayor posts daily the protocols because we are all looking forward to a Christmas where we can be safe and still be with family and friends.

Need a gift for someone who has everything? Perhaps consider a tax-deductible donation to the Rice and Beans program and we will send a photo of the family/ies receiving it to you in plenty of time for Christmas. A little goes a long way here. Carol’s Rice and Beans.

For the first time since we arrived nearly 14 years ago Christmas decorations are flying out the door of the shops and it is only December 1st. Poinsettias have returned to Plaza Kioto!

Snowbirds are still arriving but not direct from Canada, those flights have all been canceled. People are enjoying the warm weather and the outdoors but downtown is still relatively quiet with foreigners sticking closer to their Mexican homes.

We are still sending out food hampers on a weekly basis but less each week, the biggest need is still baby formula and our two community kitchens. American Thanksgiving Mexican style was celebrated with Turkey Mole thanks to the donation of a turkey by Lois Brown.

Our community kitchens are located in a very poor area, some of the people have returned to work but they are very low income. Jobs were lost due to businesses that simply didn’t survive. We anticipate operating the community kitchens for some time yet. Donations are still trickling in and we are so very grateful for our monthly donors, without them the program would not be sustainable.


Cindy Dainhard, one of our Sailfest volunteers took on the task of managing the Scotiabank/Amistad Virtual Marathon this year. We had125 donors who raised $7561. CDN for the Rice and Beans Program with 12 participants. Our participants did it the hard way, earning it bit by bit, with every $25, $50 or $100 donation. They seriously worked for it!!! Thank you Cindy!


The teachers are still saying the students won’t return to school likely until April if at all this school year. Some of our students are really struggling. I have 3 seeing a psychologist, they are very bright but just can’t cope with the effects of the pandemic on their families.

Sponsors have been amazing, some sending monthly donations to help their student’s family, some helping with construction to improve living conditions, helping with internet costs, or just helping! The pandemic has been hard on everyone but I see a lot of good too. Thank you! Have a Merry Christmas, and let’s hope 2021 is more promising. Carol

1 December 2020