COVID-19 News and Raffle

Confirmed cases up by 1 and deaths no change.  Hospital has 0 COVID-19 cases.

At our worst, we only had 40 beds filled by Covid patients. With all the protocols in place, we have flattened the curve but we aren’t letting our guard down, and we are maintaining the cautionary level orange on the stoplight system. Not bad statistics for a population of 125,000.

I attended the 2nd “Strategies for Tourism” meeting last week. In-person even. The City and State have implemented every protocol possible to ensure the safety of the residents and tourists. I commented that the number one concern for foreign visitors is their safety. Yesterday the mayor posted a video of the tour buses being sanitized, everyone with masks on and receiving sanitizing gel. Having a clean freak for a mayor who listens, is a good thing. The tourist police are handing out masks downtown. Bus and cab drivers can be fined up to 5 days’ pay for not wearing a mask. People are taking the protocols seriously.

Last week my Doug and I were in town and he suggested we walk through the Mercado. It was absolutely spotless, people were social distancing and wearing masks.

Stores are open, restaurants and hotels are open, all with protocols in place. If you are fortunate enough to have someone arrive at the airport you have to meet them outside, no waiting inside permitted. If you do come don’t expect to attend big events, there aren’t any, for now. Instead, the town is decorating for each holiday to keep the general celebratory feel to our little town.

All this is good news except for the locals who depend on tourism for their livelihood. We thought we would have terminated our food program by now but that is not the case. This week we delivered 195 food hampers, we sent 110 to a women’s group in Coacayul who are starting a Tiaguis to help support families. They are taking initative. We are still supporting our two community kitchens with between 115 and 170 takeouts per day. Daily we receive messages and calls for baby formula and food. So far we have been able to accommodate everyone but not for much longer. I sound like a broken record but if you can help we would really appreciate it, we are extremely grateful to our automatic donors who donate each month. All donations are tax-deductible in Canada, USA or Mexico through this website or Amistad Canada for Por Los Ninos (links here) and if you are here you can deposit your donation directly at Intercam.

Now for the fun part.

For the past 8 years we have done a raffle to support the food program at Casa Para Ninos del Pacifico, our tutoring school for bright impoverished students as well as emergency needs for our scholarship students. Our loyal supporters have generously donated the following accommodation. As school is online we are currently supporting the families with food hampers.

The prizes are:
1. One week all-inclusive at Pacifica Resort Ixtapa
2. One week all-inclusive at Pacifica Resort Ixtapa
3. 5 nights at Inn at Manzanillo Bay, Troncones
4. One week at the Casitas in La Ropa
5. One week, Casa Charlotte La Ropa, 3 bedroom home in Cerro del Vigia, overlooking the Bay
6. One week at Marea Condos in Playa Blanca
7. One week at Villa Montera Troncones 2 bedroom waterfront home
8. One week at Hacienda La Rusa in Barra de Potosi
9. One week at Flamingo Golf, condo in Ixtapa
10. One week Bayview Grande condo in Ixtapa

Subject to availability and good for one year.
Tickets are 50 USD, only 125 available

They sell quickly, usually in about 3 days so don’t hesitate, the kids need the support and the parents need to work so come visit! You can golf, enjoy the fresh air, the ocean and our great climate.

9 November 2020