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<h4>COVID 19 and Zihuatanejo</h4>
One of our generous supporters has offered to match donations to the Rice and Beans program up to a total of 250,000 pesos!!!

Daily I receive desperate requests for help. Mexico does not have programs to help everyone. We have managed to keep up with the bare necessities for our students but there are many are other families in need that we want to help but we simply do not have the funds.

Our town is like a ghost town, only essential services are open. For a tourist town, this is devastating.

We have dodged a bullet so far with only one case of COVID19 and our mayor has done everything in his power to make sure everything is clean and disinfected. They are handing out food hampers but they don’t reach everyone and it is never enough.

Every donation we receive will be MATCHED up to a total of 250,000 pesos. With 500,000 pesos we could help a lot of students, families, and grandparents with that kind of money and it is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Porlosninos.com and Carol’s Rice and Beans program. If you are Canadian click on the Amistad Canada Link of the donations page and you will receive a Canadian tax receipt. 100% of the donations go to feed the needy. Nothing goes to administration.

If you can help please do!

21 April 2021