Covid 19 and the ArtsCovid 19 and the Arts

Ellen Anderson of Altrusa International Club of Oshkosh, arranged a donation of 600 USD for art supplies for Por Los Niños. Due to Covid 19 school is now virtual but Max, a local painter, had an idea and found a way to allow for safe distancing, enhance the community and make art available for everyone to enjoy. Students are painting murals on the walls of three local schools with more to come! Classes are free we just provide the paint! We will have to talk about masks though.

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Juanito Zihua came up with the idea to offer guitar classes in the colonias for free. The City of Zihua had guitars in a warehouse so Juanito repaired them and now offers classes in the colonias to students.  We cover Juanito’s expenses and he teaches for free to the benefit of a lot of students that would never have had the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Thank you Juanito, what a success it is!

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25 September 2020