Christmas letter from Casa Para Niños del Pacifico

Dear godfathers and godmothers,

This has been a wonderful year at Casa para Ninos del Pacifico. We love a lot of things from our “Casa”. The first thing we love is the food which is prepared for us every day. There are things that we like and things that we do not like. Our definite favorites are the desserts. We sure did not enjoy some vegetables at first, but we have slowly learned to eat them. They are not so bad now. Desert is so nice.

As every year, we have new friends that have come aboard and some that have graduated and left. We all feel blessed to come to The Casa. We have a lot of friends that we have classes with and also practice with them for our festivals. We just had the shows for Christmas at the Pacifica Theater. It was so nice. We had the typical Mexican Pastorela, where the angel and devil fight to defend this season’s spirit. As always, the devil gave a great fight, but the angel persisted and the little shepherds decided on doing good deeds.

Talking of little ones, the smallest of our Casa performed a wonderful dance. They looked so innocent and naive, that many older persons at the audience did shed some tears. We think they miss sometimes behaving and living like children.

This past October, we went to have s wonderful day at a Water Park in Ixtapa. The casa was celebrating its anniversary (19th) and we all went and had a wonderful day. We had hot dogs and cake.

Our English, computing, and values classes are ok. We would like to have more recess and do no more arts and crafts.

We have new teachers in English and computing.

We just had last month several talks of different people. Our dentist told us how to take care of our teeth. Some policemen came and told us how to prepare ourselves for emergencies. And even Yadira and the Ingeniero came and made a play of a King that wanted to know who of his three children would he leave his kingdom to.

Our English is a little better and we have gained some weight at school. The love of our teachers and the people that work at the casa.

We love it here. We also love that we have padrinos and madrinas. Some have met our families, some have taken us for ice cream or to spend time with them. But our definite best moment is when we open our Christmas presents in the first week of January. Just in time for the Reyes Magos day. Most of us have padrinos and we do feel different that someone out there is there for us. It feels nice. The new boys and girls do not have padrinos yet. But Miss Carol and Lulu will surely fix that soon.

We can say it has been a good semester here at Zihua. We pray for you all and thank you for your kind support and for being there. May God bless you and your families.

Warm regards,

The boys, girls, teachers and personnel of Casa para Niños del Pacifico.

13 January 2020