I want to comment that a month ago I started my clinical practice in the health center Coacoyul and I feel very happy because in the wake of this year and these practicums I’m learning a lot. For all this, I thank you, because I know you are doing so much. … always, always be grateful to you because I know no one else would help as many people you are doing.

You are a great person and have great value to humanity, and above all a great heart. I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. I believe this is what inspires me to keep going, I do not give up so easy, thank you and my sponsors that I am where I am.

This month I have been in the health center and have learned to measure, weigh, take vital signs, do injections, to vaccinate infants and children, to perform cures, to make Pap tests, order and document, HIV testing and Syphilis, glucose uptake, etc. I am very happy with the result yet I know that I still have much more to learn.