Hola todos, the weather is fabulous, we have had a couple of rains earlier this month and we are looking forward to the real rainy season beginning. It is so beautiful in the summer, typically it rains only at night, we have it well trained! Our pool was a balmy 29 degrees today.

We are pleased to announce that we are halfway through our Sailfest projects for this year. Jose Bustos has done his usual amazing job coordinating the workers and the projects so everything runs smoothly.

We have completed a bathroom renovation, a new well to provide water to 2 schools, a roof over a dining area, as well as a fabulous new covered civic area for the kids at Octavio Paz, a project we partnered up on to complete. They now have 419 kids in attendance and no more wooden classrooms! Check the website for photos. We are still working on several new classrooms for some adorable little kinder kids and more.

The kids in the photo are graduates from Casa Para Ninos and are now in middle school or high school. They earned an extra special scholarship for their high marks. I posted their marks but no one will understand them so we may have to explain they are out of 10. A little support goes a long way!

Big news, we have a new legal name, we are now Por Los Ninos del Municipio de Zihua. The change was required to keep us up to date with current tax laws, otherwise, we are still the same organization. The website carolr7.sg-host.com, which we encourage you to check out, is nicely up to date thanks to Lucia of ComunicaSoluciones for your quick response time! I literally email the additions and within minutes they are done.

We have a few changes in our board of directors too.

Jane Fiala is our new treasurer, bet you didn’t know that did you, Jane. Well, no worries I will keep doing the books ready for the accountant each month.

Gloria Bellack is still our president, Doug Hudson is our legal representative and Director,

Lorenzo and Dick Bellack are Directors. Lorenzo has been trying to retire for several years now. After 15 plus years he has earned this well-deserved rest!

I am now the Administrative Director General, which means I can now drive the train and blow the whistle.

Our Facebook page, Sailfest Zihuatanejo is getting a ton of hits, when we posted the updates to the projects a couple of weeks ago we had more than 850 hits. More photos to go up shortly.

Margaret Reid is dutifully doing a Standard Operating Procedures Manual for all the committees so all volunteers will have a manual to follow. Three weeks before Sailfest there will be a Chairpersons meeting so they can familiarize themselves with their jobs and prepare for training their new and old volunteers before they actually start their volunteer duties. Should help to clarify things. This is a huge task to take on so thanks a bunch Margaret!!!!

We welcome the addition of Dan Sabourin to head up the Sales Desk!

Have a great summer and before you know it you will be back here for the winter ready to tackle another Sailfest that promises to be even bigger and better than before.

Carol Romain