The story behind my professional career

I was born and raised in a tiny, rural, mountain village in Guerrero, Mexico, where the life for a woman is getting married after 15 years old. Where the highest education level you can dream is junior high school. Where you are named “crazy” if you say you want to have a career or travel around the world. They just say “No way” that is not possible for someone that is born in this town.

I was 15 years old when I moved to Zihuatanejo to study high school. That was the biggest change of my life, I had to work hard & study at the same time, live with an Aunt, live with the very basic things.

Now, I am a professional, I got my degree in Business Administration 2 years ago. I speak fluent English, I am working in a beautiful Boutique Hotel as a Sales & Marketing Manager, I have my own car & live in my cozzy Apartment, and I am currently traveling in Canada with my sponsor from ​Por Los Ninos and Ninos Adelante.

I am blessed to have found Niños Adelante Association while I was studying my career, they just came to show me that Good people still exist, that there are people who can help you to make your dreams a reality, I believe education is the key for a better world, there are no words to thank ​everyone for the work they do for the students, and I don’t have another word to thank the support I have received from this Association, but THANKS!

Maybe you have not changed the world, but you have changed my life, and Now I know it is my turn to help other children to have the opportunities for a better life, then a better world.

THANK YOU so much, Roz, Carol & Lorenzo for all you have done for me.

God bless you,

Carmen Vargas