Por Los Niños de Zihuatanejo

We are an all-volunteer educational foundation, created in 2005, dedicated to providing hope and opportunity to the least-advantaged children in our Mexican community. In this website, we will share our educational initiatives, our challenges and our accomplishments. Perhaps they will inspire you to join us, making dreams come true for our bright-eyed young scholars.

We started in 2005 with the idea of helping one community to build a classroom – at this point, we have built 143 classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and playgrounds, including 14 new schools. Our nutrition program feeds 120 students at Casa Para Niños where every child comes from a low income family. In addition, Por Los Niños also provided a well to provide water to 2 schools.

During the pandemic we fed on average 1300 meals per week, serving 12 colonias near Primaria Centenario de la Revolución.

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School, old classroom
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Old to new

Old to new

The progress of "Centenario de la Revolución" Top: Original school "La Joya" Middle: second of the three classroom buildings, under the new name "Centenario de la Revolución". Bottom: Cancha with a roof.

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Meals for children

Meals for children

Lunchrooms provide quality, safe meals for children in the program. For some, this is the one quality meal of the day they receive.

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We need 41 new sponsors this year at Casa Para Niños and 8 for University and Secondary School.  




I fell in love with the kids at the school and never left – Carol

I fell in love with the kids at the school and never left – Carol

It was a program that started at Octavio Paz Primary, they had just started a lunch program with the idea that any profits after they fed low-income children, would go to purchase equipment for the school. I asked one day how the lunch program was going, they said not...

We felt connected to the children – Bob and Yvonne

We felt connected to the children – Bob and Yvonne

My husband I first began going to Zihuantanejo 4 years ago. We were encouraged to volunteer for Sailfest and loved every minute of it. Although our role was small we could see the benefit to the community and especially the children that it serves. We discovered that...