• One of the schools we have built. This lunchroom provides quality, safe meals for children in the program. For some, this is the one quality meal of the day they receive.
  • These primary students sit outside what is a typical school. Dirt floors are common, and supplies are limited.
  • In addition to volunteers, the parents and people in the neighborhoods all pitch in to help build schools.

Our Projects: 2006-2013

Less than $5,000 pesos ($460 US Dollars) decided by the executive committee without consulting the advisory committee. There is no reason to delay these small projects by waiting until the next committee meeting, although these grants will be reported at the meeting.

Less than $50,000 pesos. requires the recommendation of the advisory committee and the approval of the executive committee. More than $50,000 pesos. requires the recommendation of the advisory committee, the approval of the executive committee and final approval from the board of directors.

2013 Projects to come

2012 Projects to come

2011 Projects en Pesos

In addition to the projects described below, Rotary International provided a $250,000 peso Humanitarian grant for classroom furnishings, kitchen equipment & playground construction. The City of Zihuatanejo donated approximately $250,000 pesos worth of construction materials, labor & school desks. Carol’s “Beans & Rice” program has provided about $106,000 pesos for enhanced nutrition at low-income schools. Caring volunteers arrive weekly with suitcases stuffed full of school supplies, backpacks and uniforms. Helen & Memo raised funds to pay a small stipend to many dedicated, young volunteer teachers.

  • Jose Vasconcelos Primary School, Col. Circulate. Materials for new 3-classroom school. Parents provided all labor & Rotary-led Arkansas volunteers painted.
  • Rotary Kindergarten, Col. El Hujal. Materials for 1 new classroom. Parents provided labor.
  • Emiliano Zapata Kinder/Primary School, Col. Obrero Dos. Materials for new 3-classroom school. Hotel Emporio Ixtapa donated 50% of materials & labor, and hotel volunteers landscaped. City of Zihuatanejo built the bathrooms. Rotary-led Arkansas volunteers painted.
  • Colegio Bachillieres, Pantla. Materials for new kitchen/lunchroom. Parents provided labor & painted.
  • Ing. Miguel Aleman Primary School, Barrio Nuevo. Materials & paint to restore abandoned kitchen. Parents provided labor.
  • Centenario de la Revolucion Primary School, Col. La Joya. Materials to begin construction of new 3-classroom school. Parents provide labor. Canadian donor pledges funds for kitchen/lunchroom. Bathrooms completed in 2010. Funds from 2012 Sailfest will be dedicated to materials for 3 additional classrooms.
    Scholarships - $103,500. pesos
  • Funding for 16 English language scholarships, 6 high school scholarships, 5 university scholarships, and in support of Oliver Garcia, our Sailfest student, who was awarded a $48,000usd scholarship to study in the United States.
  • Grants to 5 schools for repairs and learning materials, and 250 books in support of the Municipal Library’s “Rural Children’s Reading program”. Collingwood, Ontario, Zihua’s Sister City, donated 450 additional books. The Bellevue Rotary Club donated 116 books.

2010 Projects en Pesos

  • $247,600: Esc. Primaria Nueva Creaciòn, Col. Vistamar. Provided materials to construct four additional classrooms and kitchen for this newly-certified, parent-built school. City of Zihuatanejo and we will each provide one additional classroom in 2011. Rotary International donated $264,000 pesos for furnishings, playground and kitchen equipment. Parents provided labor to build.
  • $25,000: Kinder Nueva Creaciòn, Col. Vistamar. Provided materials for new roof and to finish the bathroom at this newly-certified, parent-built school. Parents will provide all labor.
  • $87,000: Kinder Nueva Creaciòn, Col. Presa Dos (La Joya). Provided materials to construct 3 classrooms and bathroom. Rotary Club donations provided furnishings . Kinder is newly-certified. Parents provided the labor.
  • $8,600: Zihuatanejo Public Library. Purchased 200 children’s reading books for the library’s rural school reading program
  • $50,000 : City of Zihuatanejo. Provided partial start-up funding for the new technological university. City will provide $50,000, and community leaders will provide $50,000.
  • $4,000: “Un Kilometro de Ayuda. “ provided 25 packages of school supplies to annual City/Community program.
  • $50,000: Esc. Primaria Xicotencatl, Col. El Hujal. Provided partial funding for playground/assembly area. Parents have worked for two years to raise $75,000 and the City will provide additional funding.
  • $34,000: Zihuatanejo Language Academy. Continued annual funding for 16 English language scholarships for Niños Adelante students.
  • $22,000: Niños Adelante Scholarship Program. Continued annual Funding for six $300.usd student scholarships.
  • $56,000: Primary/Kinder Emiliano Zapata, CONAFE. Provided materials to complete construction of 3 new classrooms. Funding for bathroom materials in February. Parents will provide labor.
  • $20,000: Pri. Jose Vasconcelos, Col. Cihuateotl. Provided materials to begin construction of 2 classrooms. The City of Zihuatanejo will provide third classroom. Additional funding as project continues. Parents will provide the labor.
  • $45,000: Kinder Rotary, Col. El Hujal. Provide materials to build new classroom. Parents will provide labor.
  • $30,000: Zihua Sailfest 2011. Set aside start-up funding for t-shirts, hats, and other expenses that will be reimbursed after Sailfest 2011.

2009 Projects en Pesos

$15,000: Esc. Prim. Cuitlahuac, Col. El Hujal, Provide waterproofing paint to seal the leaking roofs of six classrooms. Provide materials for security bars in new classroom.  City of Zihuatanejo will provide materials to re-paint water-stained interior walls.  Parents will provide $3,500 and all labor.

$10,000: Kinder Jean Piaget, Col. Los Llantos, provide electrical, plumbing, paint and fixtures to complete parent-built bathrooms.  Zihuatanejo Rotary Club will also donate and administer the project.  Parents will provide all labor.

$29,000: Kinder Nueva Creaciòn, Col. Presa 2, Provide materials to build new bathroom to replace tarpaper outhouse.  Parents will provide all labor. 

$23,400: Academic Scholarships. Continue funding six $300-per-year scholarships for Niños Adelante scholarship students for 2009/2010.

$38,400: English Language Scholarships.  Continue funding 16 English language scholarships for Niños Adelante students.

$15,000: Sounds of Zihua 2010 Benefit CD.  Continue funding production of 500 annual benefit CDs.

$60,000: Prim. Nueva Creaciòn, Col. La Joya.  Provide temporary funding for materials to construct bathrooms. Project Million Amigos will reimburse the funds at the conclusion of their fund-raising drive.

$90,000: Esc. Sec. Luis Guevara Ramires, Col. La Esperansa.  Provide materials to build three wooden classrooms.  Parents will provide all the labor.

$86,040: Dept. of Education, City of Zihuatanejo.  Provide 200 kinder and primary school desks.  50% will be donated to schools we support. Manufacturer will donate $5,000 shipping and assembly costs.

$85,000: Kinder Nueva Creaciòn, Col. La Joya.  Provide materials to build a new kindergarten on donated land for 72 very poor children.  City of Zihuatanejo will pave a road to the school.  The Zihuatanejo & Bellevue Rotary Clubs are raising funds for school furnishings.  Parents will provide the labor.     


2008 Projects $$ En Pesos

$150,000: J.N. Nueva Creaciòn, Col. Vista Ixtapa, Pantla.  Provide 50% of funding for a new kindergarten to serve approximately 100 children. City of Zihuatanejo will provide $150,000 pesos.  City of Pantla will provide 2,700 sq. meters of land.  Parents will provide labor where appropriate.

$174,000: Esc. Octavio Paz, Col. Buenas Aires.  Provide materials to build  four additional wooden classrooms.  Rotary International will provide $200,000 pesos for classroom furnishings, lights, fans, kitchen equipment and playground materials.  Parents will provide  all the labor.  City of Zihuatanejo will provide landscaping materials.

$16,000: La Casa de la Cultura, Col. Centro.  Provide project materials for art students to paint murals at eleven kindergartens.

$36,000: J.N. Juan Ruiz Ortiz. Col, La Noria.  Provide materials to  construct a roof over the play area.  Parents will provide labor.

$100,000: Jardin de Niños “Juan Enrique Petalozzi”, Col. Agua de   Correa. . Provide materials to build a classroom and play area.  State provided $30,000, the city donated additional materials and parents raised $52,000.

$16,000: English Language Scholarships.  Provide 16 scholarships to Niños Adelante scholarship students for the five-month remainder of the 2008 school year.

2007 Projects en Pesos

$470,000: Esc. Nueva Creaciòn Building Fund, Col. Vicente Guerrero.  Provide additional funding to begin construction of the school.  We have $268,000 set aside from previous funds.  The city of Zihuatanejo will provide $250,000 of building materials.  Project Million Amigos has donated $250,000.

$34,000: Esc. Vespertina Bocanegra, Col. Emiliano Zapata. Provide materials to construct a roof on an uncompleted classroom built by the fathers.  Provide labor for steel work.  Fathers will provide the balance of the labor. 

$13,550: Rondalla Siuatlan Music School. Currently 18 scholarship students share five guitars.  We will provide 5 guitars, 2 mandolins and a contrabajo. 

$20,000: Esc. Miguel Hidalgo, Barrio Salitrera. Provide materials to finish new bathroom started by parents.  Parents will provide labor.

$15,000: Student Scholarships. Continue funding existing 6 student scholarships for the 21007/2008 school year thru Niños Adelante.

$9,600: Niños Adelante Scholarship program. Fund salary for part-time assistant, at $800 per month, to help Josè Bustos administer the scholarship program.  In return, Niños Adelante will “un-cap” the program to admit 30 more students, including 17 kids from Nueva Creaciòn.

$14,000: Teacher Scholarships. Continue funding 2 teacher scholarships to university-accredited, two-year, English program.  Teachers will offer English classes to students at their schools.

$25,000: Sounds of Zihua CD. Provide funding to produce 1000 new, “volume two” CDs and re-produce 300 additional CDs of volume one. 

$25,000: SailFest Start-up. Set aside funding to pay initial start-up costs for SailFest 2008. Includes printing, t-shirts and hats, etc.

2006 Projects en Pesos

$3,530: Prescription Glasses for students and teachers. A local eye doctor donated prescriptions, a hospital donated the testing equipment and the glasses were purchased wholesale. 

$10,000: Esc. Emiliano Zapata, Barrio Viejo. Rental of heavy equipment to clear land for new school on 3,000 sq. meters of land donated by the Ejido. 

$47,000:Esc. Netzahualcoyotl. Provide materials to build a retaining wall to control erosion under existing classroom buildings.

  $65,000:Esc. Luis Donaldo Colosio, Col. Primer Paso Cardenista.  Provide materials to improve security and provide a safe entrance to the school for the children. Parents provided most of the labor. 

$40,000: Esc. Francisco I. Madero, Col. Villahermosa. Provide electrical circuits, glass windows and air conditioners for 5th and 6th grade classrooms to accommodate government-provided computer-based interactive learning systems. $10,000 for bathroom repair donated by others.  $20,000: Esc. Cuitlahuac, Col. 20 de Noviembre. Provide electrical circuits, glass windows and air conditioner for fifth grade classroom to accommodate government-provided computer-based interactive learning system.  $10,000 for bathroom repair donated by others. 

  $70,952: Esc. Niños Heros, Ejido Vista Hermosa.  Provide of $8,000 for electricity and plumbing supplies to bring water from the new well to the bathroom.  $62,952 for materials to rebuild rotted-out wooden primary classroom.  Parents, ProjectsZihua and others provided $46,425 to help complete the projects.

$168,000: Esc. Nueva Creacion, Col. Vicente Guerrero.  Last year we pledged $100,000 to the Building Fund for the new school. A benefit concert raised $28,000; we have personal pledges for an additional $20,000; and $20,000 was donated to SailFest with the request that it go to the building fund. 

$25,000: Kinder Rotary Club, Col. El Hujal.  Provide $25,000 for supplies to complete new classroom. Government has provided all materials; parents and Zihuatanejo Rotary Club will provide labor and an additional $15,000.  

$41,500: Esc. Jose Los Reyes Martinez, Col. Al Barril.  Provide electrical circuits, glass windows and air conditioner for 5th grade classroom to accommodate government-provided computer-based interactive learning system.  ProjectsZihua and others have provided $53,650 for improvements at the school.

$2,000: Samuel, a first grade student at Nueva Creación, drowned in a tragic accident at Playa Madera. Our donation helped pay his funeral expenses.

$2,000: One-time $1,000 educational grants for 2 high-achieving students to cover costs of tuition, uniform and books. 

$40,000: SailFest 2007 Start-up Fund Loan.  Funds are used for costs of printing, t-shirts, hats and other expenses incurred prior to the event.  Funds will be repaid from SailFest revenues.

$16,500: Student Scholarships.  Continue funding of six $250.usd scholarships for high-achieving students during the 2006/2007 school year. Los Niños, Inc. provided five additional scholarships.  Niños Adelante will administer the funds and program.

$14,000: Teacher Scholarships.  Continue two $7,000 scholarships for motivated  teachers to attend an English language institute, five days a week, for ten months, during the 2006/2007 school year.  Los Niños, Inc. provided three additional scholarships.

$29,000: Esc. Nueva Creación, Col. Vicente Guerrero.  Grant for work books and teaching materials for the 2006/2007 school year. Funds were derived from a donation made by sixth grade students who crafted bracelets from donated beads, sold them at SailFest and raised an astonishing $14,500.  Por Los Ninos matched the donation and returned it to the school. 

$15,000: Music CD fundraiser.  10 local and international musicians have donated their recordings and talents for a compilation CD. A music producer and a sound engineer volunteered their time to create the CD, which will be released at a benefit concert (with many of the musicians performing.)  The $15,000 will be used for recording studio time and the production of 500 CDs.


  • A typical school we are working to replace with safe, more permanent structures.
  • A classroom nearly finished. students sit at proper desks in these concrete schools.
  • Parents, volunteers, and local residents all pitch in to build this school.